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Why try to fit your child to a homeschool curriculum?
Let us fit the homeschool curriculum to your child.

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Homeschool families get

Godly education
Tailored curriculum
Variety of publishers
Alternate courses
Flexible schedule
Program accredited by NAPS
Nationally recognized diploma
Everything at one low price

  What Homeschoolers Say...
“It was amazing how easy and fun it was for her to learn with your books!”

“Thank you…for your great contribution to my education. In two years of homeschooling, I feel I learned far more than four years in a private school.”




Early Bird home schooling enrollment Early Bird Is Here!
Starting now, you can enroll anytime before April 30 and get great discounts! You can begin school now or later. Early Bird enrollments have until October 31 of the following year to complete work.

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Come visit our Facebook page. Read some comments, leave some comments, and don't forget to "Like" our page.

Free home school information Free Information Pack
To obtain your free CLASS information packet, simply complete a short form and click “Submit Request.”

Greater homeschool choice Greater Curriculum Choice for YOU!
CLASS has always been the home schoolers’ homeschool program, and now we are even better! We offer high school choice and choices for elementary school too.

Home schooling curriculum that fits Homeschooling Curriculum That Fits
The CLASS homeschool curriculum is definitely not one-size-fits-all. We couple our experience with your preferences, and assemble a curriculum that fits your child.

Home schooling success Homeschool Success
Our graduates are being accepted by leading colleges and universities because CLASS gives you all the materials and services you need to succeed in homeschooling your child.

Share Your Story Share Your Story!
We would love to hear how CLASS has impacted your family, and how your students are doing!

Home school algebra tutorials Algebra Tutorials
CLASS offers unique multimedia tutorial lessons to explain key algebra concepts.

Accredited by NAPS CLASS Accredited by NAPS
CLASS is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, a consortium of Christian educators and private school administrators from across the United States and Canada.

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Three Questions

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Culture, Art, And Technology

Benefits of CLASS

College Admissions

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What Homeschoolers Say...
"Selecting CLASS was one of the best academic decisions I have ever made for our family. It was through your program I was able to find and eliminate the gaps in what she knew (truly understood) and what she should have known at that grade level. It is amazing the difference now in her approach to education verses when we first began this portion of the journey. She now learns for life not to pass the test. It is amazing!"
"We had a wonderful year schooling with the materials you have put together for the children. We are looking forward to our continuing schooling with your help. I am so glad you build the curriculum for us. It makes it a lot easier on me.

“Thanks for everything you do. We continue to keep you all in our prayers."
"We are very thankful for CLASS. The children that we have adopted have been blessed to have a school program that allows them the time frame they need to learn and meet their special needs. My children cannot wait to see their new school books!"





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